Established Business


An established business never stands still…

  • “We’re expanding – but our accounting can’t keep up; financial control is suffering…”
  • “After several good years we’re beginning to stall and there’s downward pressure to lower my prices …”
  • “We’re constantly worrying about our cashflow position!”
  • “Business is great – I just wish I wasn’t putting in so many hours!”

These are the kind of problems we encounter when established businesses first come to us.

So the good news is that you are not alone! The bad news is that ignoring these problems is putting your business in jeopardy.

But the best news of all is that there IS a remedy. You no longer have to struggle alone.


“Listen. Understand. Solve. And repeat.”

That is the Boost Accounting mantra – a philosophy of support based on taking time to:

  • listen and understand what’s going on;
  • identify the pain, the source of that pain and the best remedy;
  • turn that remedy into positive business action you can take right away and build into robust future planning.

We examine and challenge your status quo: For example, it could be that your business is lacking a proper integrated system, that your financial records are not being synchronized to create synergy with your non-financial data.

And we never work in a vacuum: We always benchmark your business in your sector to gain a comprehensive vision of how you can improve.

Read our case study how we have helped a client.

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