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Strategic Business Support


It’s easy to lose your way…

Some think there are only two main ingredients for business success – strategic planning and maintaining business growth.But there’s a third – expert support. And without it many businesses lose their way and eventually fail.We don’t want your business to fail. You’ll see from our bookkeeping and accounting services that we promote proactive financial control – and that’s why we provide strategic business support to help you achieve your ambitions.We can help rescue a struggling business – but better still, with our tailored support options we can make sure yours never reaches that point.

What’s the solution?

We help you step back and see what’s actually going on.Then we find the solutions – and can help you to implement them and get back on the road to success.We make the choice easy. We will let you know which month you will potentially have a bumpy ride in terms of sales, cashflow and profit. We all know when we’re in trouble.


  • You’re working too hard and too many hours?
  • Business isn’t growing fast enough?
  • You’re not making as much money as you anticipated?
  • Cashflow is a constant problem.
  • There’s a pressure to drop your prices and eating up your profit margin.

You’re not alone! Building a business is hard.

So our tailored support helps you to see the bigger picture – turning figures into strategy, making critical decisions based on real-time information, and growing profit.

Matching support to need

Strategic planning: This option is best for those business owners who are on a tight budget or don’t want to commit to a full programme or just want pointing in the right direction.

Profit growth: This is our most popular option because you get ongoing support beyond the initial strategic planning day. We work with you to create strategies for business growth and profit improvement.

Business re-engineering: This is the best option for ambitious business owners who want the most comprehensive level of help in achieving their business and personal goals. Here we go beyond the strategic planning and work closely with you to implement your strategy.


If opting for our Strategic Planning support, we begin with our planning day, where we work together through our 5-stage process:

  1. Initial assessment
  2. ‘What-if’ analysis
  3. Identifying your goals
  4. Examining business challenges
  5. The Prioritized Strategic Action Plan

At the end of the day you will have a clear picture of what needs doing, when and how. And you can opt for our help implementing it all too.

Entry Full Premium
Initial assessment – understanding your business

Possibility analysis

Strategic planning session

Prioritised strategic action plan

Accountability programme

Measuring the things that really matter

Business review meetings

Business mentoring programme

Profit improvement resource centre

Unlimited email and telephone support

Sales and marketing training programme

Effective pricing training programme

Systemisation training programme

Customer service team training workshop


Mystery shop and benchmark

Customer survey

Core values, core purpose and vision statement

Contact us to discuss your problems and goals – we look forward to working on your successful business planning.